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We Create and Maintain Thriving Landscapes

Ecological Garden Designs and Management Techniques

Lawn Maintenance

• Sod Installation
• Water Management
• Weeding & Cultivating
• Soil Grading
• Cutting & Edgework

Tree & Stump

• Stump Grinding
• Tree & Bush Trimming
• Root-Ball Removal
• Tree Removal
• Planting

Fall Cleanup

• Fall Leaf Clean-Up
• Lawn Aerating
• Gutter Cleaning
• Power Washing
• Shrubs & Bushes

Winter Services

• Snow Blowing
• Plowing
• Salting
• Residential & Commercial
• Seasonal Lighting

Professional, Integrity Excellence

For over 10 years Turcotte Landscaping, LLC has been meeting our client’s needs and exceeding their expectations.

Reliable Service Guarantee

We provide creative solutions, quality service, and deliver to each and every customer 100% of what is promised.

Client projects are an investment in our future.

Earned by our customers satisfaction by providing superior service.

Superior Service

Earned by our customers satisfaction

Transform Your Outdoor Space with Our Professional Landscaping Services

Hire landscape experts to transform your outdoor space with soil preparation, planting, hardscaping, and irrigation. They’ll consider climate and soil type while staying within your budget. Enjoy your beautiful outdoor space for years to come.

Certified Expert

Landscaping experts create and maintain beautiful outdoor areas, like gardens and lawns. They have extensive knowledge of plants, soil, watering, and regulations. They pass tests and gain experience, while keeping up with developments in their field. Hiring a landscape expert ensures a beautiful outdoor area.

Professional Team

A professional landscape team with experts in architecture, horticulture, and maintenance creates functional, safe, and beautiful outdoor spaces. They offer a range of services including lawn, tree, and shrub care, pest control, snow removal, and specialize in water features, lighting, and sustainable design.

Environmentally Friendly

Environmentally friendly landscape maintenance reduces negative environmental impact by using natural alternatives such as organic fertilizers, compost, and mulch while minimizing the use of chemicals. Water conservation practices also help reduce waste, while proper disposal of yard waste helps.

More Cost Effective

Choosing a professional landscape company can be a more cost-effective solution in many cases. Professional landscapers have experience and knowledge that enables them to get the job done efficiently and effectively, leading to better long-term cost savings.

Save Time and Money

Hiring a professional lawncare service saves time and money. They use expert knowledge and top-quality equipment to efficiently maintain your lawn with great attention to detail. They identify and prevent potential problems, ensuring your lawn is always in top condition.

7 Day a Week Premium Support

We provide lawncare services 7 days a week, keeping your lawn healthy and beautiful. Our experienced team offers efficient and timely care, ensuring vibrant landscapes. Regular maintenance is crucial, and we take pride in friendly and professional service.

Create Balance Through Natural Solutions

Natural lawn care avoids synthetic chemicals and instead uses natural techniques such as composting, aeration, overseeding, and organic pest control methods to promote healthy soil and grass growth. Alternative weed control methods such as hand-weeding and natural herbicides can be utilized. This approach creates a sustainable and chemical-free environment that benefits both the lawn and the ecosystem.

What we offer

Give your home or business a breath of fresh air.

Lawn & Garden Care
Taking care of outdoor spaces involves various activities like mowing, fertilizing, watering, aerating grass, overseeding, dethatching, and weed control. For garden care, planting, pruning, mulching, and irrigating are necessary. It improves nutrient/water absorption, reduces soil erosion and creates welcoming spaces.
Gutters & Drainage
Gutters and irrigation maintain landscape integrity by protecting against wear and tear and ensuring plants thrive. Gutters redirect rainwater and prevent damage, while irrigation keeps elements healthy year-round. Proper installation and maintenance ensure long-term function and beauty.
Lawn Mowing Services
Lawn mowing services include mowing the entire lawn area, trimming edges, and cleaning up debris. Frequency depends on lawn size, grass type, and season. Regular mowing helps to maintain a healthy lawn and improve curb appeal. Professional services save time and effort and provide better results.
Planting & Mulch Installation
Landscaping involves planting and mulching which create beautiful outdoor spaces. It enhances air quality, and soil stability, while providing shade, saving energy and costs and reducing water runoff and soil erosion. Overall, combining landscape planting and mulching is a great way to create a healthier planet while improving landscape aesthetics.
Clean Up Services
Get your lawn and garden winter-ready with our fall/winter cleanup and winterizing services. We'll remove debris, prune trees and shrubs, and protect roots with mulch. Trust our experienced team for snow and ice management too, including removal, de-icing, and salting. We'll help your outdoor spaces look their best in the spring.
Landscape Maintenance
Maintaining a lawn and or garden involves tasks like mowing, pruning, pest control, watering, fertilizing, and weed control. The overall goal is to preserve beauty and health year-round, promoting plant growth and preventing damage from pests and diseases. Proper landscape maintenance is essential based on the landscape's specific needs.
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Our mission statement at Turcotte Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance is to create and maintain thriving landscapes using ecological garden designs and management techniques.

100% of what is promised

Meeting our client’s needs and exceed expectations
as we turn their dreams into reality is my number one goal.

Serve our customers with honesty

We view our clients projects as an investment in our future, earned by our customers satisfaction.

Integrity and reliable service

Providing superior service, guaranteed.

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